Heritage Seguin

Officers are President , Vice President , Treasurer , Secretary Jeremiah Arevalo Board members: Pat Nitsch, Bob Etlinger, Clarence Frase, Judy Ablin, Robin Walker and Ed Engelhardt, Publicity Chair.

  We wish you a blessed Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year 
First meeting in 2014 will be a candidates forum TBA         


Heritage Seguin encourages citizen involvement at all levels of government following the five principles of the national Heritage Foundation: Free Enterprise, Limited Government, Individual Freedom, Traditional American Values, and a Strong National Defense. We meet the fourth Tuesday of each month for informative speakers and topics. The meetings are open to anyone and free of charge.  For more information see their website www.heritageseguin.com or contact President Robin Walker (830) 876-8980.  Look on our NEWS page for links to conservative writers and personalities.
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